Public events: planning, implementation and deployment of advanced technology

Public Events

Public events are the charismatic show masters of public occasions. They captivate a wide-ranging audience and focus on thrilling settings with light, sound, video and effects. Public events are often staged outdoors at exceptional locations. 

Winkler Livecom has been the long-standing preferred partner to some of Switzerland’s largest and most famous public events in the world of sport, culture or society at large. 

And why is that? We have a talent for enthralling many different stakeholder groups and striking the right chord: with a design that is perfectly matched to the event and show acts. Not to mention smooth interaction between our project team and the client, dealing with adverse weather conditions and complying with safety regulations. 


  • Alpine skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Golf
  • Show jumping
  • Motor sport
  • Beach volleyball
  • Football


  • Festivals
  • Open air
  • Musicals
  • Concerts 
  • Dance events 


  • Parties
  • Shows 
  • Town fairs
  • Opening events 
  • Award ceremonies 
10. July 2020

Sunrise Skylights − Drive-In Openair

Openair-Fans klatschen in die Hände; vom 10.-19. Juli 2020 lieferten auf dieser Bühne verschiedenste Acts ihr Maximum. Über das FM-Radio empfängt jedes Auto den besten Sound und ihr seid live bei einem wahrscheinlich letzten Konzert dieser Sorte dabei. So wird gefeiert und getanzt in den 300 Autos unter Corona-konformen Sicherheitsmassnahmen. Drive-In aber anders. Winkler ist mit dabei und stellt die ganze Technik zur Verfügung, damit alle Acts im besten Licht stehen.

1. February 2020

Cyclo-Cross − World Championship 2020

Nach 25 Jahren fand die Cyclo-Cross-WM wieder einmal in der Schweiz statt. Während zwei Tagen massen sich die besten der Cyclo-Cross-Szene in Dübendorf.

15. December 2019

Credit Suisse Sports Awards − Swiss Athlete of the Year Award Ceremony

Every year in December, the Sports Awards celebrates the extraordinary achievements of Swiss sportsmen and women over the course of the year.

5. December 2019

Peter Marvey − Stars of Illusion

Die letzten Wochen im 2019 waren magisch bei Winkler. Im Auftrag der Maag Music & Arts AG war Winkler Livecom AG zum zweiten Mal an der Magieshow von Peter Marvey dabei.

16. November 2019

NAB Award − Aargauer of the Year Award Ceremony

The Aargauer of the Year was again elected by the Neue Aargauer Bank. Nicolas Hänni, who plants a tree every time a customer places an order for his Nikin clothes brand, impressed the audience and won the title of Aargauer of the Year.

12. September 2019

Circus Ohlala − Destiny

Winkler is at the helm of the Ohlala “Circus of Love” for the ninth year in a row. The latest show is called Ohlala 9 – Destiny.

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«Public events can be anything from local gymnastic events to the national wrestling festival. So close client interaction and needs-based advice is vital and a credo we live and work by.»