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NAB Award −

Aargauer of the Year Award Ceremony

The Aargauer of the Year was again elected by the Neue Aargauer Bank. Nicolas Hänni, who plants a tree every time a customer places an order for his Nikin clothes brand, impressed the audience and won the title of Aargauer of the Year.

Winkler supported the occasion with the event engineering. Aside from the new stage design, Winkler was also responsible for the lighting, audio and video technology in the substation hall and at the VIP reception drinks. This is the sixth time that Winkler has supported the Neue Aargauer Bank at the NAB Award.

Images: Neue Aargauer Bank AG


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NAB Holding SA


Winkler Livecom AG

Technical Planning

Winkler Livecom AG


Winkler Livecom AG

Details Realisation

Rigging, Audio, Video, Lighting, Deco