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NAB Award −

Aargauer of the Year Award Ceremony

Standing ovation for Aargauer of the year 2017. The Neue Aargauer Bank held its annual award ceremony for the Aargauer of the Year at our partner venue, the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach.

Once again this year, Winkler was involved in supporting the event with perfectly coordinated lighting and set design, audio and video technology and content management.

The ceremony – presented by Sandra Studer and Sven Epiney – was watched by 1,200 guests live, with many more viewers on Tele M1. The event featured acts such as Claudio Zuccolini, Philipp Frankhauser, Nick Mellow and the “Heimweh” men's choir. The award of Aargauer of the Year was presented to paediatrician Markus Wopmann for his decades of commitment to assisting victims of child abuse. We would like to congratulate Markus Wopmann on his extraordinary achievement and wish him every success for the future.


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