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2. December 2019

Creating unique moments out of empty spaces thrills me.– Damir Markotic, Project Manager

Even as a child Damir was fascinated by different music styles, sounds and instruments. Today, he combines this passion with his job. As Project Manager at Winkler Livecom, Damir is the point of contact for Hall 622 and makes sure that events run smoothly there. He tackles everything, from the most modest of customer events to large-scale concerts.
24. September 2019

Every day is different from the previous one. - Leon Gruber, Flavio Manzoni and Noah Frei, event technology specialists in education.

Leon knows what he wants: to run his own show as a lighting technician. As a young boy, Flavio found event technology even more fascinating than the circus performers he saw, and Noah appreciates the many insights he is being given into the most diverse areas. All three are apprentices at Winkler Livecom, training to become event technology specialists.


15. December 2019

Credit Suisse Sports Awards − Swiss Athlete of the Year Award Ceremony

Every year in December, the Sports Awards celebrates the extraordinary achievements of Swiss sportsmen and women over the course of the year.

16. November 2019

NAB Award − Aargauer of the Year Award Ceremony

The Aargauer of the Year was again elected by the Neue Aargauer Bank. Nicolas Hänni, who plants a tree every time a customer places an order for his Nikin clothes brand, impressed the audience and won the title of Aargauer of the Year.