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9. August 2018

project planning: «Never underestimate event technology»

Used correctly, technology can make all the difference to an event. Michel Dubler, Head of Business Development and Venue Service, explains what events managers need to bear in mind when requesting and planning events technology.
25. June 2018

Lighting technology: trends and developments in 2018

Whether it’s for an imposing stage show or to create the right mood: with the right choice of products, the lighting technology can make a crucial difference to an event. Roni Huber, Technical Design Manager at Winkler Livecom, discusses the latest trends in this fascinating area.


15. November 2018

FC Basel 1893 AG − 125 Jahre Jubiläum

Am 15. November 2018, feierte der FC Basel 1893 seinen 125. Geburtstag mit einer grossen Jubiläumsgala, in der Eventhalle der Messe Basel.

23. November 2018

ProSieben − Switzerland's next Topmodel

Am 23. November 2018 fand das grosse Finale von Switzerlands next Topmodel im Auditorium der Maag Halle Zürich statt.