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Events & Exhibitions

What do we offer?

Live communication allows brands to be experienced with all the senses. It is therefore part of every effective brand strategy and should not be missing from any communication mix.

Events and trade fairs not only create lasting experiences for your target audience, they also generate valuable content - moving image and text content that you can use for your brand communication long after the event. 


Events are just as individual as the brands behind them. Sometimes they are rustic, sometimes urban - other times dazzling and sexy, then again dignified and elegant. The decisive factor is that they coherently reflect the personality of your brand and move your audience in the long term.

Winkler Livecom is also at your side for your event: we support you until everything runs smoothly on day X. We take care of the room planning, the event planning and the event management.

We take care of the room planning, know about safety regulations and ordinances, and are pioneers in stage and lighting design. And we support you with our creativity right from the start.


Trade shows, exhibitions and conferences remain important showcases for companies and their brands, even in the digital age. Winkler Livecom accompanies successful trade show appearances from expert planning to technical support during the event.

We stage the exhibits and brands based on an existing idea or we provide creative technical input for the most effective appearance.

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21. September 2022

RED.Sport − Installation Kameratechnik in den Fussballstadien der Ersten Liga

Der digitale Fortschritt schreitet auch in den Vereinen der Ersten Liga voran. Im Auftrag von Ringier Sports AG verbaute Winkler für die Streaming Plattform RED.sport in den Fussballstadien der Ersten Liga in der ganzen Schweiz neue Kameratechnik. Darunter auch beim FC Wohlen im Stadion Niedermatten, quasi vor der eigenen Haustür.

3. September 2022

Lamprecht Transport AG − Mitarbeiteranlass

Anfang September fand im Feldschlösschen Areal der Mitarbeiteranlass der Lamprecht Transport AG statt. Winkler verantwortete im Auftrag der Bright Entertainment die technische Umsetzung in allen Bereichen.

30. August 2022

Electrosuisse − Informationstagung

Am 30. und 31. August fand die Informationstagung für Betriebselektriker von Electrosuisse wieder in unserem Trakt Nord in Wohlen statt. Winkler war für die gesamte Veranstaltungstechnik und das Set-Design vor Ort zuständig.

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"Winkler Livecom does everything in its power to ensure that customer wishes are implemented in the best possible way. Because there is always a way: thanks to new technologies or the involvement of one of our international network partners from the world of live communication."