Venue services for your event location: conception, technical planning, installation and operation

Venue Services

Are you planning a new event location? Do you already run a venue and want to bring your technical facilities up to state-of-the-art standard? Or are you looking for an experienced partner to run your technical infrastructure? 

Our venue specialists at Winkler Livecom will be happy to assist you: Benefit from our event experience and use our know-how as one of Switzerland’s key livecom and event engineering providers. 

You can choose from individual services or outsource the entire project to us, as you like. You set the pace. We also of course offer bespoke financing solutions. 

Our solution approach is called

Winkler Livecom gets the venue services market moving with its Win-Win-Win solution approach. Now all clients benefit: operators, event organizers and service providers can enjoy advanced event engineering for their event on competitive hire terms. This is made possible be pre-installed components like mobile stages, smart multifunction floodlights and audio equipment because we believe that existing venue facilities should adapt to suit  the event and not the other way around.

Venue services in detail


Winkler Livecom assists you with your venue concept: with technical planning, surveys and basic concepts. And of course, we will also be happy to manage the project on site, draft calls for tender and advise you on technical decisions. We use 3D rendering, plans and references to visualize our ideas. 


Winkler Livecom not only provides the infrastructure, but also the trained personnel. Our specialists operate and maintain the technical facilities and develop them if necessary. So we ensure on the spot that everything runs smoothly at your venue just the way you want. 


Winkler Livecom maintains one of Europe’s largest fleets of equipment. Thanks to our expertise and close cooperation with leading manufacturers we know which developments and innovations yield genuine benefits for you. We also ensure that your equipment is professionally maintained. 


Our service expertise includes developing and operating customised and efficient technical solutions for your event location. 

Winkler Livecom also supports you with the following specialists: 

  • Project developers
  • CAD designers
  • Multimedia designers
  • Set and interior designers
  • Technical project managers
  • Technical area managers 
  • CAD planners
  • Structural engineers
  • Multimedia engineers
  • Content managers
  • Programmers
  • Technical project managers
  • Site managers
  • Service engineers 
  • Operators
  • Light, sound, video, LED, rigging service personnel 

Our clients

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«The Win-Win-Win strategy developed by Winkler Livecom for sustainable venue services pursues a simple, but pivotal idea: the technical installation should be adapted to suit the client’s needs, and not the other way around.»