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The Swiss Landesstreik

Recreating an important piece of Swiss history with more than 100 amateur actors in the old Hauptwerkstätte at Olten train station

In 1918, Swiss industrial workers called a token strike in Switzerland, to be followed shortly thereafter by the country’s very first and only Landesstreik (national general strike). Approximately 250,000 Swiss workers were caught up in the strike. To mark its centenary, the event is being re-enacted with a large theatre production in Olten. The play, “100 Jahre Landestreik”, runs from August 16 to September 23, 2018. Winkler is supplying the theatre with audio for the duration of the production, ensuring that the stage is set for a flawless, comprehensible production of this historical event. Technical highlights: 50 channels via radio-controlled Timax UWB radar stage tracking, 80 actors equipped with microphones, sound system for the live orchestra and choirs.






Verein 100 Jahre Landesstreik


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