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Swiss Film Award −

Award Show

Alternating between German and French-speaking Switzerland, this year’s Swiss Film Award was held at our partner venue Halle 622 in Zurich’s Oerlikon district.

Awards were presented to the best talents in the Swiss film industry. Aside from its annually changing location, this project is also exceptionally interesting and challenging from a technical perspective. Various requirements have to be accommodated and harmonised; such as combining the demands of live streaming with those of the live event. Furthermore, this was the first TV production to take place in Halle 622. Achieving the optimal mix of both made the project both challenging and exciting. And with the top, most influential people in the Swiss film industry also represented at this event come the highest expectations, particularly with regard to video and audio technology. In addition to providing video and audio solutions, Winkler was also responsible for its own lighting design and for guaranteeing smooth professional technical execution across the board.


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