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permanent showroom installation

A seamless digitally controlled showroom for Schindler in Ebikon. Event Manufaktur GmbH has been supporting Schindler for some time now with its Schindler Ahead campaign around the globe. The products developed by Schindler like the “Ahead DoorShow” have now been permanently installed at the Ebikon head office for optimal presentation in a showroom that is exclusively digitally controlled.

Winkler was responsible for the detailed planning and technical implementation of the showroom, turning the Event Manufaktur GmbH concept into reality. This included the permanent installation of all the media systems (projectors, microphones, speakers, lighting) and the curtains, which were also permanently installed in the showroom. Speakers can now easily call up scenes configured in the media control system via their iPad to present new products. LED strips create accents that attractively highlight the ceiling and showcase the relevant Schindler Ahead products on the wall.






Event Manufaktur GmbH


Event Manufaktur GmbH

Technical Planning

Winkler Livecom AG


Winkler Livecom AG

Details Realisation

Technical Solutions, Audio, Video, Lighting, Deco