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Baloise Holding AG −

Annual General Meeting and Executive Management Conference

Winkler for Baloise. As part of a tender, Winkler was last year awarded a 3-year contract with the Baloise Group for the technical implementation of two large-scale events. This included the annual executive management meeting of Basler Versicherungen and the Ordinary Annual General Meeting for Baloise Holding AG.

In keeping with the Baloise Group’s strategic approach “Simply Safe”, Winkler planned both events down to the very last detail. This was the first time that Winkler engaged in direct collaboration with the Baloise Group. Winkler had previously provided services for the company’s 150th anniversary celebration for employees. The direct collaboration between Winkler and Baloise was successful from the very start and both events were flawlessly executed.

 “I received excellent support on both occasions thanks to the Winkler team’s technical expertise. We had a great working relationship and our joint efforts resulted in a successful executive management meeting and annual general meeting.” Annette Stoll, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, Baloise Group


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Baloise Holding AG, Basler Versicherung AG


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Winkler Livecom AG

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