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Winkler to cooperate with Lang AG in video sector.

New partnership for enhanced flexibility: as of 1 January 2017 Winkler Livecom® is to cooperate with the sector’s leading rental enterprise, Lang AG, to focus even more intensively on customer needs.

Lang AG, based in Lindlar, ranks among Europe’s leading enterprises in the rental and sale of visual presentation technology and peripheral equipment. The new cooperation gives Winkler access to the largest, most advanced selection of video products and terminal devices. 

As Carsten Jantz, Head of Operations explains: “We were in contact with several companies and set potential partners various tasks for the pitch. In terms of quantity the focus was on delivery readiness, breadth of range, shipping and customs clearance, while the quality requirements included innovation and quality assurance. Of the enterprises invited to pitch, Lang AG stood out with optimum solution proposals and efficient corporate processes.” 

The cooperation unlocks new opportunities for Winkler. Christian Künzli, Managing Director adds: “Our customers will benefit even more in the future from state-of-the-art technology in the video sector. Winkler will be able meet 100% of all customer requirements thanks to the cooperation with Lang.” 

According to Christian Künzli the main reason for the decision to enter into an external cooperation was the increasing brevity of life cycles and ever-wider range of video terminal devices. With a suitable partner the company will be able to meet the demanding conditions in this sector in the future as well, while enjoying access to a wide and cutting-edge product range.


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