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Winkler to be event technology partner for the «Altes Kraftwerk» in Basel.

As the official event technology partner of the «Altes Kraftwerk» exhibition and event space in Basel, Winkler Livecom® will support and advise future customers on their technical requirements.

Christian Range ran the E-Halle event space at the Basel NT-Areal for several years until it had to be converted into a new residential development in 2013. The “Alte Kraftwerk” event hall gives him the opportunity to create a new interim space near the St Jacob Park.

The event hall is in the old Haefely Hipotronics building. It is located centrally with good parking availability and can also be reached easily on public transport. The space is perfect for corporate functions such as employee events, Christmas dinners or anniversaries as well as exhibitions of any type.

The historical «Altes Kraftwerk» (built in 1915 with a ground floor area of 1500 m² and first floor area of 750 m²) was previously used as a power substation and to build generators. The architecture is a unique selling point. The highlight: a 200 m² fixed Faraday cage and crane track with a 40-tonne load capacity. 


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