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CollectMe – the digital solution for exhibition documents.

CollectMe – a product developed by Live Marketing Solutions to significantly streamline the collection of trade-fair documents.

What is CollectMe?

CollectMe is a touch-screen terminal that exhibitors can place in front of their exhibition stands. Instead of collecting a physical brochure, visitors can now download these quickly and easily to their badge, allowing them to be viewed and saved on a smartphone at a later time. 

How does CollectMe work?

Exhibitors make their documents available via a terminal. Links, addresses, films, PDFs and business cards are all compatible. 

Visitors use the terminal to choose the documents that interest them. They then hold their ticket over the terminal and the documents are transferred to their digital document wallet. The documents can be accessed by scanning the QR code. Visitors with personalised tickets also receive an email link to their chosen documents. 



Who is CollectMe for and what are the benefits?

Exhibitors make significant savings on printing costs by using digitised brochures, and it is easy to include additional documentation, such as videos and business cards. Visitors no longer need to carry around dozens of brochures and can instead store everything digitally in one place on their ticket. 

What are the benefits of CollectMe for exhibition organisers?

The new platform allows organisers to offer additional services on the exhibition application, enabling suggestions to be made about similar products/stands and banner advertisements to be sold, for example. 


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