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Another XAVER award success for Winkler Livecom

Winkler has won a XAVER award for the fifth time in a row. This year, in the Best Supplier Services category, together with Liechtenstein Marketing and their project “Mission Impossible Liechtenstein National Day”.

Every year the best projects in the livecom industry are celebrated at the XAVER award ceremony. This year, the jury selected the “Mission Impossible Liechtenstein National Day” project as the winner in the Best Supplier Services category, awarding it a gold XAVER. As Stefan Mathys, Sales & Marketing Manager notes: “What was special about this project was that the entire team had to come up with an alternative to the traditional firework display within the shortest space of time and that's exactly what it did, with success.” For Winkler it is the fifth time that a project has won a XAVER award. Last year the “Product Launch Schindler Ahead” won a silver. And now “National Day” has topped this by winning a gold.

A feat of logistics

National Day is the major event in the Principality of Liechtenstein. However, the extreme heat in the summer meant that the traditional fireworks could not take place. Nothing unusual about that, unless you only find out this two weeks before the event is due to take place. And you don’t get the go-ahead until six days before you have to get the show on the road. A production in circumstances of this nature is only possible if it is underpinned by:

  • a sophisticated and lean technology concept
  • excellent know-how in the procurement business
  • a pool of experts that work well under pressure and keep everything together
  • keen personal commitment ensuring efficiency and reliability
  • everyone involved keeping their cool and nerve



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Image from the left to the right: Roni Huber (Winkler Livecom Head of technical Conception & Creation), Stefan Mathys (Winkler Livecom, Head of Sales & Marketing)